Steps to Manually Configure a Microsoft 365 Account in Outlook

Microsoft 365 may be a platform that helps businesses and individuals meet their emailing and collaboration requirements. Microsoft 365 users can access their mailboxes in Outlook by configuring Outlook app with their Microsoft 365 account. This helps them access emails easily and answer them quickly.

Outlook 2016 and above versions allow adding a Microsoft 365 account using the Autodiscover feature for direct account addition through installed CNAME records and domain hosting firm configurations. In other Outlook versions that support Microsoft 365 configuration, users can configure a Microsoft 365 account manually via adding server settings and Microsoft Exchange Server proxy settings, etc.

Below we’ve explained the procedure to configure a fresh Microsoft 365 account in Outlook 2016 application and a second Microsoft 365 account in Outlook progressively.

How to configure Microsoft 365 account in Outlook?

Here, we’ll guide you thru the method of manually configuring Outlook with Microsoft 365 account. But, before starting the method , confirm that you simply have Outlook app installed on your system. read more setup |
Office 365 Download

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Microsoft Office is globally appreciated for placing user experience and convenience above all. Besides, it ensures that the simplicity of use doesn’t compromise the productivity and functionality of the products. With this in mind, procedure has been kept extremely simple and fast.

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